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Client Retention Contact Program


Our Realtor Preferred Partners, who have given us their trust by referring us their clients, continue to benefit from our client retention contact program.  With the cost of new client acquisition calculated at approximately 3 - 5 times the cost of keeping a current client relationship, it’s clear maintaining your hard earned client base is a matter of economic survival.  The client retention contact program accomplishes this through the following 10 steps:


1.   Day of Loan Application  

On the day of the initial loan consultation & a signed application agreement, our team mails your clients a “congratulations card” to let them know that we appreciate their business and look forward to a smooth closing. Included with the congratulations card are free Starbuck’s Coffee certificates and the Realtor’s business card.


2.   During Process – Client receives at least 2 phone calls a week, regarding our progress & necessary documentation.  

Within a day of receiving the signed purchase agreement, our team mails your clients a “thank you” card to
remind them that they are our most important priority and that we will take care of all of the details.  Included with the thank you card are free movie passes and the Realtor’s business card.

3.  Day of Loan Approval As soon as we receive final written loan approval, our team delivers a an “All Star Box” of Sees Candy

to the clients’ work place.  Included is a “Congratulations Card” to let our “Super Stars” know that they are very important to us and have full loan full approval and that we appreciate their business and we look forward to a smooth closing. Of course, the Realtors card is


4.   At Closing – As a token of our appreciation, client receives a certificate for a free introductory session with a Financial Planner or other Preferred Partner (depending on who was the original referring partner). 

At closing, our team will also deliver a gourmet gift basket to your client’s new home with a thank you note to let them know we appreciate their business, and hope that we can be of continued service to them, their friends and family.   The Realtor’s card is included with the basket.


5.   Every Week - Client receives a copy of our e-mail newsletter, detailing such topics as real estate, financial planning, insurance strategies, income tax reduction strategies, estate planning and wills & trusts (Click Here to see a recent copy of our e-mail newsletter).


6.   First Day of Every Other Month - Client receives an e-mailed rate watch report, detailing how much monthly savings they would receive if they refinanced at today’s current rates (Click Here to see a copy of a rate watch report; requires Adobe Reader).


7.   Every Quarter - Client receives a letter, to keep in touch, and making sure the client understands that we’re here to help, should they have any mortgage needs or Preferred Partner referral needs.


8.   Every 6 months - Client receives a personal phone call, to check up on them & see how they’re doing, to find out if they have any questions or concerns, and to remind them of the services we and our Preferred Partners offer.


9.   Every Birthday & Holiday - Client receives a personalized e-mail card.  


10.  End of Mortgage Financing Year - Client receives an additional  copy of their closing statement for that year's mortgage financing transaction, to make sure they have these documents for tax deduction purposes.



Conclusion:  With our program, the client will receive valuable weekly information & will be contacted at least 70 times each calendar year.  There is little chance the client will forget who provided them with their current real estate financing.  Our Preferred Partners benefit from this by maintaining a relationship with a non-competing professional (us), who will maintain the client relationship, and who will continue to refer the client back to them for services available through them, thereby helping our partner grow their business & increase their income. 



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