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Welcome, Enrolled Agents &

Tax Professionals!



Enrolled Agents/Tax Professionals 


Thinking back on the past few years, from time to time we have experienced a client that will have a tax lien that prevents them from buying a home or completing a refinance. 


We are always looking for solutions for our clients and many times, that solution is an enrolled agent who can negotiate a settlement with the IRS.  Conversely, there are times when the only solution for a client with a IRS tax situation is to access their home's equity to satisfy their debt.  We specialize in helping those clients who are faced with this most stressful (yet sometimes very easily solvable) challenge.  We have developed long term relationships with Enrolled Agents/Tax Professionals, who have realized the true value of this service to their clients & themselves, and have referred their clients to us.  In return, we now ask our clients at closing if they are currently working with a Enrolled Agent/Tax Professional; if not, and they are in need of these services, we will refer them to our Preferred Enrolled Agent/Tax Partners,  thereby returning the referral favor. (Click here to see the special form we created for this purpose; it accompanies each and every loan application we send out; requires Adobe Reader).


In addition to the services we provide to our Preferred Affinity Partners, we also help them maintain their past client loyalty through our Client Retention Contact Program, therefore increasing their monthly business & monthly income.  To see how we help our partners businesses grow through this program, Click Here.


We only team up with proven professionals with the highest ethical standards who have demonstrated a desire to work in their clients best interest.  If you feel you meet these standards, feel free to contact us to arrange for an interview.  Click Here for phone & e-mail information, or...


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 Affinity Professionals

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 Preferred Partners

For a list of our Preferred Affinity Partners (those who have demonstrated a high level of professionalism in their areas of expertise), Click Here.



Client Retention Program

To find out how we help our Preferred Affinity Partners  maintain their clients loyalty to them through our Client Retention Program, Click Here.



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