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Welcome Insurance Professionals!


Our goal is to illustrate how we can be of service to you and your clients.


Many insurance professionals sell insurance, not as a stand alone product but as a retirement planning tool.  There are usually higher commission dollars selling whole life vs. term insurance (which doesn't make them "bad"). 


In the world of insurance, there are so many products to choose from that the process of integrating insurance products into one's total financial portfolio has never been more complicated and confusing an issue than it is today. 


Many insurance products have now integrated the option of allowing a consumer to select mutual funds and other investment options from their "cash value" within certain types of insurance.  Thus, the need for professional guidance in structuring the proper insurance mix into one's portfolio. 


If the advice is good and we benefit from the professional's advice, they should earn a commission.  The same value we, as loan originators, provide for the client, insurance professionals also provide for their clients.


With a tool called "equity repositioning" a client may be able to eliminate all or most of their consumer debt through a debt consolidation refinance of their home or other real estate.  In most cases this will free up monthly cash flow of from $500 to $1,500 or more.  Here are ways that this strategy can enhance your business.


A) Clients that need to restructure their debt to allow monthly contributions into an insurance product.  


B) In the event that a person may think of canceling an existing policy due to "tough times", or they are going through a "financially LEAN cycle", the client may consider an equity repositioning strategy to allow the insurance to remain a very important part of their portfolio.  To view a letter our Preferred Insurance Partners can use, to give their clients other options besides canceling their policy, Click Here (requires Adobe Reader). 


C) A financial planner may want to semi-annually send out a joint marketing piece promoting a "debt evaluation check up."


D) Financial planning professionalís need to maximizing their clientís retirement planning potential!  To view the Equity Repositioning report, and how it can benefit you by improving your client's monthly cash flow (thereby decreasing their need to cancel/liquidate their investment, and giving them more discretionary income to invest into retirement accounts), Click Here (requires Adobe Reader).


In addition, Insurance Professionals grow their business & income by maintaining their current client database, even if those clients move on to different products.  For example, clients that are currently renting will be buying sometime in the near future, moving from renter's insurance to homeowners insurance.  Many of our Preferred Insurance Partners maintain their relationships by mailing a quarterly marketing piece, referring those interested in purchasing a home to us.  We will, of course, then refer the clients back to that Preferred Partner for insurance services.  


We have developed long term relationships with Insurance Professionals, who have realized the true value of this service to their clients & themselves, and have referred their clients to us.  In return, we now ask our clients at closing if they are currently working with a Insurance Professional; if not, and they're in need of Insurance services, we will refer them to our Preferred Partners, thereby returning the referral favor.  To view the special form we created for this purpose, which accompanies each and every loan application we take, Click here (requires Adobe Reader).


Using this form provides us with the information that can help grow your business


In addition to the services we provide to our Preferred Affinity Partners, we also help them maintain their past client loyalty through our Client Retention Contact Program, therefore increasing their monthly business & monthly income.  To see how we help our partners businesses grow through this program, Click Here.


We only team up with proven professionals with the highest ethical standards who have demonstrated a desire to work in their clients best interest.  If you feel you meet these standards, feel free to contact us to arrange for an interview.  Click Here for phone & e-mail information, or...


Apply Directly to Become a Preferred Partner!



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